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F.A.Q. about working as a camgirl, camboy or couple

What are the requirements for becoming a camgirl or a webcam model?

To work as a webcam model, you have to be at least 18 years old. You need a computer or laptop, a webcam and a high speed internet connection. An open-minded personality is als important. For the registration you also need a valid government issued photo ID.

Are there requirements about age or looks?

The minimum age to sign up is 18 years. However there is no maximum age. There are no requirements when it comes to appearance. It doesn’t matter if you are slim or chubby, how big you are, what your breast size is,… Our webcam visitors are looking for all kind of webcam models.

Can men or couples als work as webcam models?

Yes! Men and couples can also work as webcam models.

Do I have to do hardcore shows or perform nude?

You are not required to do hardcore shows or perform nude. Many of our members are looking for a good conversation instead of a hardcore show or nudity. Thats why we are one of the few webcamproviders that offer non-nude webcams.

How do I register as a webcam model

To register as a webcammodel click here. Fill in your personal information and upload a valid government issued photo ID. You will receive an e-mail as soon as your registration is accepted. In the registration screen, you also choose in which category you wish to work (nude, celebrite (non-nude),…).

Can I work with a partner?

Yes you can. However you have to make sure that you are both registerd as a webcammodel even if it’s just for 1 time.

Can I work on multiple sites?

Yes you can. However keep in mind that if you work at multiple sites at the same time, it’s harder to follow the conversations and visitors can get the feeling that you are not interested because you don’t answer them or that it takes to long for you to answer. This can cost you visitors. If you do want to work at multiple sites, then you can use splitcamsoftware.

Am I required to work a certain number of hours as a webcam model or camgirl?

No. You have no obligations towards the amount of hours you work. If you work 1 hour per weerk or 40 hours, that’s all up to you. Just keep in mind that the more you work, the more you earn. You log in and work whenever en how long you want to.

Are there costs to work for you?

No. Creating an account is totally free. We don’t charge you any fees. The only thing you need is a laptop, a webcam and high speed internet.

How much can I earn as a webcam model

What you earn depends on 3 factors. First of all, are you a camgirl, camboy or couple. Camgirls usualy earn more then camboys and couples. Couples usualy earn more then camboys. Second, the category you work in. Camgirls who work in the nude section usualy earn more then camgirls who work in the non-nude webcam section. And maybe the most important factor is the amount of hours you spend working as webcam model. Let’s say you work 10 hours per week as a nude webcam model. Then you earn an average of $1 500 to $2 000. If you work fulltime as webcam model then you earn up to $10 000 and more.

Are there some tips to earn even more money as a camgirl?

Yes there are. First of all, and probably one of the most important tips. Enjoy yourself! Your visitors will notice if you have fun are not. So no matter how dificult it maybe because of your personal situation, always be cheerful when you work as a webcam model.
It’s also important to give your visitors the feeling that you are interested in what they have to say. If they say or aks something, answer them. Ask them about theirselves. Remember, the more you keep them talking, the less you have to do to earn money. And always keep an eye out for the whales. Whales is the therm used to describe the big spenders. These visitors will make you the most money. These visitors don’t spend hundreds of dollars on webcams but thousands. If one of your visitors is a whale and they like you, you will earn loads of money from just one visitor. Apply for an Internet Cam Model job today and start making money within 24 hours.

How many times do I get paid?

Payouts are processed twice a month. You can choose different types of payout methods.

Do you deduct for chargebacks?

No, our models are not responsible for chargebacks.

What about webcam studios

Try to avoid them at all costs. A webcam studio provides you with a room to work in and an internet connection. However they take up to 50% of your income for this. So don’t work for a webcam studio if it’s not absolutely necessary.

Is working as a camgirl safe

Working as a camgirl is very safe. In fact, it’s the safest job in the erotic sector. You work in the comfort of your own home, so you don’t have to meet other people. You don’t have any risk of aggression or catching a STD. With the current Corona virus, camgirls are the only ones in the erotic sector that are allowed to work and can work safe.