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Webcam studio

When you want to work as a webcamgirl, you will see 2 options when you register. You can register as a cam model or as a studio. If you work alone then you should register as a cam model. When you want to work with more cam models from the same location then you choose the option to register as a studio. There are 2 different types of studios.

Physical webcam studios

Physical webcam studios have their own infrastructure and equipment. If you want to work as a cam model and you don’t have a room available at your house or appartement then you can signup with a webcam studio. Because the webcam studio provides the necessary infrastructure and equipment, they will deduct up to 50% of your earnings. So if you have the ability to work from home or from your own location, it is better to register as a cam model and not work for a webcam studio.

Digital webcam studios

We do not recommend working for a digital webcam studio. The part that they deduct from your income is less than with a physical studio. But if you have the option to cam from your own location, you do not have to pay anything from your income.

Starting your own webcam studio

If you want to earn a lot of money and have a building with several rooms at your disposal, starting a webcam studio is a good idea. The costs for this depend on various factors. Is there already an internet connection? Are the rooms already furnished?

What’s required to start a webcam studio?

You need 4 things when you want to start a webcam studio. First of all you need a studio account. For this you have to sign up with a webcamsite like: Livejasmin. In the first screen you type in your email address and password. In the second screen you can select the type of your account: model or studio. On the third screen you fill in the personal data or data from your company. In the last screen you will have to submit some documents. One this is done, its a matter of time before your account is approved. Usually this happens within 24-48 hours. Once your account is approved you’ll be able to start registering models.

Legal requirements

We strongly advice you to have a lawyer draft up a model agreement. Depending on the country from which your company operates, you will have to fill in various documents and arrange other matters. If you have your own website to recruit models, ensure a privacy policy and terms and conditions.


When you have a physical studio you’ll need an actual location. This can be a house or office that you rent or even your own house if you have enough free space. Keep in mind that your own home may not be as suitable if you also recruit models that you don’t know. Some friends who live together and want to work as a camgirl can of course use their own home.

When you rent a property you also have to take into account the costs for the interior. You need some furniture and lighting and the necessary equipment such as computers, webcams, high-speed internet, etc.

Models / Performers

And last but also the most important: models and performers. If you have a physical webcam studio, you are unfortunately bound to the region where your building is located. Digital studios can recruit models from all over the world. Physical webcam studios are limited to the region around their location.

How do you earn money as a webcam studio?

As a webcam studio you earn money by registering the models and charging them a percentage of their income for your services. A digital webcam studio can charge much less than a physical webcam studio. In a physical webcam studio, the percentage that people charge is up to 50% of the performers’ income.

Starting a webcamstudio takes more work than working as a solo webcammodel. However once everything is taking care off, a webcamstudio can make you lots of money. If you have some friends that you want to work with as cammodels or if you want to recruit other models then starting a studio can make you lots of money.