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Who is Bongacams

Bongacams is a webcamprovider with over millions of users worldwide. They have been active since many years and are among the top webcamproviders. Bongacams offer you a professional and stable webcamplatform that offers you a lot of possibility’s to earn lots of money. They are available in 34 languages and won 3 awards for best webcam site in 2019. Work for Bongacams as a camgirl, camboy, couple or group.

Why should you work for Bongacams

There are many reasons to signup with Bongacams. One of the reasons is that Bongacams has millions of users every day worldwide. More visitors equal higher income. And thats good news for you. Bongacams offers you 50% commission and more. But that’s not all. If you invite new customers you also get 25% of all their purchases, even if they don’t spend it with you. If you refer other models then you get another 5% from their earnings. That’s a total of 80%. The best performers with Bongacams earn around $20 000 every month.

Get paid every week or with on request payouts

Earning lots of money is great but receiving that money whenever you want to is even better. When you work for Bongacams then you get paid every week. Need your money faster? No problem, just choose for on-request payouts and get your money immediately. Bongacams also offers a lot of different payout methods. You can choose between: wirtetransfer, Paxum, ePayService, WebMoney and al kinds of Cryptocurrency. This makes Bongacams one of the webcamplatforms with the most payout methods and fastest payouts.

The difference between Livejasmin and Bongacams

There are a few differences between Livejasmin and Bongacams. For instance with Livejasmin there is only nudity in private chat. With Bongacams most models show nudity in Free chat. With Livejasmin the models earn most of their money with the payouts from the private shows and also a part from tips. But with Bongacams, most of the money you make will come from tips. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Tips can make you a whole lot of money. In many cases more than private shows. If you just start as a camgirl then maybe Livejasmin is a a little more comfortable.

Pay-out options

When it comes to pay-out options, Bongacams offers you a lot of different options. For instance cryptocurrency. When you work as a cammodel for Bongacash, you can choose to receive your money in different kinds of cryptocurrency. Above that, you can also choose for: WebMoney, Paxum, ePayService, and wire transfers. But there is more. Unlike many webcam providers that pay out monthly, biweekly, or weekly, at Bongacams you can opt for On demand pay-outs. Receive your money immediately.

Bonus features that makes you earn more money

Just like most webcamproviders, Bongacams offers you some pretty good features to earn even more money. For instance: Hot mode. In Hot mode you earn 10% more and your camscore gets multiplied by 1,25%. Your camscore is the place you get between the other webcams. The higher your camscore, the more visitors you will receive. More visitors means more money. On top of that, Bongacams has a Top 100 contest of the week. $40,000 will be given away every week to the top 100 webcammodels. Register today by clicking here.