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When it comes to webcamplatforms, Livejasmin is one of the best you can find. Livejasmin has been around for many years and has won dozens of prices in the adult webcam industrie. They have millions of visitors each day from all over the world.

Why should you choose for Livejasmin

Livejasmin is a great choice, both for the beginning camgirl as for the experienced camgirl. They offer a very easy to use control panel with a 24/7 professional helpdesk. One of the big advantages of working for Livejasmin is that you don’t have to show any nudity in freechat. Nudity is only allowed in private chat. But one of the biggest advantages is the high income that you can generate when working for livejasmin. An income of more then $15,000 is not an exception. Just have a look at the income calculator. Fill in your age, sex and the estimated amount of hours per week that you would be online.

How much can I earn as a camgirl with Livejasmin

Probably the most important question. How much can I earn when working as a camgirl? First of all that depens of you are a camgirl or a camboy. Camgirls and couples will earn more then men in most cases. The next thing to keep in mind is, how much time will you be online. Age is less important. Of course most visitors will have a preference but its not so much about the looks and age, its how you act in front of you webcam. Enthusiasm, acting sexy, friendly, spontaneous will have a greater influence on your income then your look or age. An average camgirl that works around 25 hours a week will earn around $7,000. Keep in mind that this is average. The top webcammodels with Livejasmin earn even more than $ 1 900 000 every 2 weeks! Of course these are the topmodels, however an extra income over $7,000 a month with a part time job doesn’t sound that bad does it?

Advantages of working for Livejasmin

Apart from being one of the top webcamproviders, working for us has a lot more great advantages. For instance, we offer different kind of payout options. You can choose between check, Paxum, wire transfer and ePayService. Payments are made every 2 weeks. Another cool option is that you can block visitors based on their location. For example, when you live in Italy and you dont’t want any Italian visitors, then you can easily set this in your control panel. The 24/7 helpdesk, easy to use control panel, millions of visitors every day and large netwerk of websites, makes them the #1 choice for both the beginning as well as the experienced camgirl or camboy.